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Rogan Josh – Goat Meat in Kashmir Style

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2 LBS Medium Cut Goat Shoulder Meat
5 Bay Leaves
6 Green Cardamoms
2 Black Cardamom
6 Cloves
10 Peppercorns
2 TBSP Oil To Saute
1/4th stick Cinnamon
5 Kashmiri Red Chili Dry, cut, de-seeded
2 TBSP Paprika
1/2 TBSP Red Chili Powder
1 TSP Fennel Seeds
1 TSP Salt Adjust to taste
1 TSP Ginger Paste
1 Cup Water

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Rogan Josh – Goat Meat in Kashmir Style

  • Gluten Free
  • Spicy

    This an Authentic dish from Kashmir. It has a delicate blend of aromatic spices and its color from Kashmiri Chilies is RED!

    • 100 min
    • Medium




    August 6, 2019 goes in history as the day when Kashmir got fully integrated with India. I visited Kashmir first in 1976, loved it. Had wonderful food in Vaishnav Dhabas as I was a pure vegetarian at that time. I remember every moment of my trip vividly because that was my first trip out that too to a place that is “Paradise”. I moved to US with those fond memories. My wife Rita and I visited it again last year despite all advices against going to a dangerous place. However, we had a wonderful trip. Our host, Houseboat Owner, Sahil, received us at the airport, took us to his houseboat, took care of every details of our safety, comfort and made sure we have a memorable time.

    There were many shutdowns of markets, internet outages and blackouts during our stay. Also, going around was a bit intimidating as we (and Sahil and his car) were subjected to thorough searches many times. We were visitors and I can understand security searching us but found strange that a multiple houseboat owner did not have access to a system like TSA-Pre/Known Business Owner/ Trusted – Pre Screened System.

    Hopefully in next few years, all this becomes history. I am very happy that today Kashmir became fully integrated with India. I have been watching all news events closely. My family and I celebrated this integration by cooking my favorite dish – Rogan Josh.

    Presenting my Rogan Josh Recipe. Hope you all watch it, cook it with your own variants to celebrate Integration of Kashmir, to celebrate upcoming Eid on 12th, or just to enjoy it.

    Rogan Josh is very simple but delicious. It uses no onions, tomato or traditional spices. Any recipes that call for tomatoes, tomato paste, onions or gravy-thickening things are not authentic Kashmiri. Original Kashmiri recipes use Kashmiri Chili, Paprika and Mace. I did not have Mace, hence I am not using it. Also in my recipe I am missing Big Black Cardamoms. Only because I did not have them in my pantry. But to make up for them, I had fresh Bay Leaves plucked from my neighbor’s tree right before cooking! I know its not the same.

    Well Rogan Josh needs the dry spices, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Bay Leaves, Cloves, Peppercorns, Cumin and De-seeded Red Chilis, crushed up, fried in butter. Then 1 K (2 LBS) of goat shoulder, bone-in pieces and salt added to it and fried/sauted for 15 min (until brown). Subsequently ginger, paprika, Kashmiri chilis and fennel added to this. I am using Instant Pot for 25 min under high pressure to cook it but one can use pressure cooker for the same time or just slow cook for 1-1.5 hr to cook the meat as well as spices.

    Final preparation is delicious, meat falls off the bones, and it is RED in color. That is what the word Rogan means. It is not chili hot because neither paprika nor Kashmiri Chili is hot. With other aromatic spices the meat has a very distinctive Rogan Josh flavor.




    Take dry whole spices (cinnamon, cardamoms, mace, cloves, peppercorns, de-seeded red chilis) and crush them in a mortar. Add these to 2 TBSP of Butter/Oil in a Sauce pan. Add Bay Leaves. Once spices are fried, add mutton and sauce for 15 min until golden brown from outside. Add fennel seeds, salt and ginger paste along with paprika and red chili powder. Mix. Add water.



    Pressure cook for 30 min on high. Else cook on low heat for 1 hr, add water if needed when cooking without pressure cooker.

    Serve with Rice and/or Roti.


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