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Patra – Elephant Ear Spicy Appetizers

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1/2 Lbs Taro leaves and/or cabbage leaves
1 Cup Garbanzo Bean Flour
1/2 Cup Water For paste. Additional 1.5 cup for steaming
1/2 1 TSP Salt
1 TSP Coriander Powder
1/2 TSP Chili Powder
1/2 TSP Garam Masala
4 TBSP Oil 2 TBSP for Paste 2 for Tempering
1 TBSP Sesame Seeds to Garnish

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Patra – Elephant Ear Spicy Appetizers

  • Gluten Free
  • Spicy
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

    Taro Leaves or Cabbage rolled into spiced garbanzo bean flour paste, steamed and tempered in mustard seeds popped in vegetable oil.

    • 1 hr
    • Medium




    Arvi or Taro rhizomes have big foliage that is edible and tasty. Its unique texture and hardiness allow this delicious recipe that is very common in India, specially in the western part, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Each state’s version has different names. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, they add sweet (sugar) and sour (tamarind extract) to it to make it tangy. However, my hometown Indore recipe does not use sugar.

    In essence, taro leaves (or its replacement – cabbage) are rolled up with gram (garbanzo bean) flour paste. Of course all Indian snacks must have spices in them. This paste has salt, chili, coriander powder, garam masala and some oil. These rolls are steamed (not boiled), cooled, cut in bitesize pieces. Im the last space these are coated with a tempered mustard seeds in oil. These can be garnished with cilantro leaves, sesame seeds, coconut flakes and/or lime juice.

    These make delicious afternoon snakes or appetizer in the cocktail hour. These, specially ones made with colored cabbage are very delicious in appearance as well.



    Devein Taro Leaves / Relax Cabbage

    Wash, pat dry, cut stems and thick veins of the taro leaves using scissors. Small veins can be pressed with a rolling pin.
    Relax Cabbage leaves (1-2 min in microwave does excellent job)


    Make Garbanzo Bean Paste and apply to Leaves

    Make paste with Flour, oil, spices and water in steps - work in all lumps and make a toothpaste - like consistency. Paint the back of leaves, layer 3-4 leaves with flour paste. Roll and put on oiled surface of the steaming tray. Steam for 10-15 minutes after water comes to a boil depending upon diameter of the roll (10 min for dime size 15 min for quarter size diameter rolls).

    Cool the rolls to room temperature, cut in bite size, set aside.


    Tempering (Tadka)

    Temper (heat 2 TBSP oil and pop 1/2 TSP mustard seeds in it). Optionally one can add sesame seeds and asafotida (Hing) to the tempering hot oil
    Either shallow fry of cover and rested for 2-5 min.


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