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Sabudana Khichdi – Tapioca-Peanut Medley

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Adjust Servings:
1 cup Tapioca rehydrated
1 cup Water to soak tapioca
1 Cup Peanuts roasted and ground
2 Potato Boiled and diced
2 TSP Butter
1/2 tsp Cumin
To taste Chili Red crushed or green diced
1/2 TSP Rock Salt Powdered
As needed Cilantro and Lime To garnish and serve

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Sabudana Khichdi – Tapioca-Peanut Medley

Sabudana is Tapioca and word Khichdi means "Medley". In this recipe you will find an easy and fool-proof way of making this delicious dish that I devour on a weekly basis.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

    Soaked tapioca, roasted crushed peanuts, Boiled and diced potato are all mixed up together with a pinch of salt. A gentle tempering in heated butter with green/red chilies and cumin is applied to the mix and subsequently cooked in microwave.

    • 25
    • Serves 4
    • Easy




    This recipe is for Sabudana Khichdi a popular snack that started out from my hometown, Indore. It is a street food, available in the famous Sarafa and Chhappan-Dukan, as well as many restaurants.

    It is simple to make it if you know how to. However, it is very easy to screw it up completely and end up with an inedible version – too crunchy or a slimy chunk of starch. Famous chefs, Tarla Dalal, Sanjeev Kapoor have their version posted on facebook. Nonetheless, there are some good, knowledgeable recipes on YouTube however complicated they may appear.

    It has been once a week dish for my entire life. Early on, someone in family kept fast for various reasons. I was told it was religious, a way of worship, a way to payback what god gives you. A true fast means you eat nothing. In my family fast meant reasons to eat alternate food allowed from a list of allowed stuff. There was no science on what was allowed. For example rock salt was allowed, table salt was not. All milk -based products were allowed, some vegetables were allowed and most fruits were allowed as well. Grains were not allowed. My take on this was that min was welcome change from the same everyday meal!

    Alternate or Sanskrit name for such fasting is FALAHAR. Literal meaning of this word is fruit diet (Fala=fruits and Ahar=diet).  However, this fruit diet got extended to a big list of non-fruit and dairy ingredients as well as spices. List of allowed things changes from family to family. In most Hindu families, during fasting one serving of this carb-nut combo is permitted without compromise. This recipe follows that rule.

    Overall it is a light meal or a snack. This medley has Tapioca, Peanuts and potatoes (optional) are added to increase serving size. Clarified butter (ghee) is used as a TADKA and to extract flavors from cumin. For tanginess, chili peppers are used. For flavor Cilantro is enough. It is a minimalistic meal yet very balanced. I am posting this because my children always loved this. Like them, many raised in first generation Indian household, may adopt simplified versions of Indian food if they have access to something they can cook easily. Please also Search “Sabudana Khichdi” on YouTube, and you will see hundreds videos posted by famous chefs and wonderful moms who cook it all the time. Some are even hilarious to watch. Most emphasize on complications of soaking tapioca, very tricky, and cooking the mix, not too complicated but easy to overwater/overcook. My present recipe simplifies both. Please try and enjoy. If you have questions or comments, please post. Else, enjoy it like I do, fasting or not!


    10 min + overnight

    Wash and Soak Tapioca

    Wash Tapioca in a colander, let it sit for 5 min wet, wash again, drain, transfer to a ziplock bag and let is rehydrate with moisture within for overnight.


    Boil and Dice Potatoes

    Microwave or boil potatoes. Dice into small pieces after pealing.


    Roast and Grind Peanuts

    Microwave peanuts for 1.5 to 3 minutes, stirring them every 30 seconds. Alternatively roast them in a non-stick pan on medium heat continuously stirring. Upon cooling, rub them to remove and blow skins. Ground them in a blender or salad shooter.



    Mix peanuts, tapioca, potatoes and salt in a microwave-safe bowl.


    Tempering in Butter

    Melt butter, add cumin and chilis, sizzle. Add that to the mix and mix again.


    Cook in Microwave

    Cook covered for 3-5 min in microwave until tapioca becomes transperent. Serve with lime wedge or plain yogurt/buttermilk after garnishing with cilantro.


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